Atlanta Stonewall Democrats

Are you a member of the Atlanta Stonewall Democrats? If so, when did you join? 


Have you been endorsed by any LGBT organizations now or in the past? If so, please list years and races. 



Have you attended events for, joined, or otherwise expressed support for LGBT organizations or groups? 

None, except when previously running for office.  

Have you attended events for, joined, or otherwise expressed support for the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party, other LGBT and LGBT-related causes or organizations?


Have you ever volunteered for or attended LGBT Pride, or other LGBT or LGBT-related events? No.


Positions – Please articulate your views on all the issues below regardless of whether they are Federal, State, or Local in nature and whether you have or, if elected, would have the ability to vote on the issues. 

Discrimination Protection

If elected, would you establish a written non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity for your employees? Do you have such a policy in place for your campaign?  

In my view for protecting a company from discrimination lawsuits, the company needs to record the interviews. The initial interview has the best behavior and best desired dress of the candidate. The second interview would address the behavior and desired dress in a work environment for the candidate. Again recorded. In these interviews, the candidate shall not be presenting non-obvious discriminatory issues. From the candidate becoming a employee, my motto to a candidate is “I won't ask, and you don't brag.” As the now employee becomes embedded into the company, the company will learn more about the employee, but that does not mean the employee brags about the learned information. The employee's purpose is to work.  

Have you in the past, do you now, and, if elected, will you support efforts to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment and housing? Please address your support of HB603 Georgia State versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and or any relevant local laws. Please note whether you have introduced and/or co-sponsored legislation in the past (if not, please explain why).  

I would vote for Georgia HB603 just to get the ball rolling, and might have to fight for changes. However professionally, my view though is that bragging by words or clothing is not to be respected. That is why optional dress codes should be based on heterosexual standards if possible. But this also pertains to the religious clothing such as Muslim’s have, but as said professionally. But, also, a boss may not care about such restrictions.  

Marriage and Partnership

Do you believe that same-sex couples should enjoy the same rights, benefits and responsibilities as their straight counterparts? Have you in the past, do you now, and, if elected, will you support efforts to legally recognize same-sex marriage by both the Federal and Georgia government? Please note whether you have introduced and/or co-sponsored legislation in the past (if not, please explain why).

I am strong on same-sex marriage being equal to heterosexual marriage. One of my examples is for retired people. Why would anybody care? Where my rub is, is where a father does not hold up his part in raising his child or children. The man needs to be forced into marriage. I call it a shotgun marriage. Even if under age. Same-sex couple should have the right to raise children the same as heterosexuals. The should also be looked at the same way for responsibilities.  

Education and Schools

Have you in the past, do you now, and, if elected, will you support education and guidance programs in public schools that offer age-appropriate, non-judgmental information on sexuality, tolerance, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexually transmitted diseases, and contraception? Please note whether you have introduced and/or co-sponsored legislation in the past (if not, please explain why).

I am definitely for such programs.  

Do you consider harassment of LGBT students because of their real or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity to be a form of bullying? Would you support legislation that aims to lower the incidents of, and directs schools to put an end to, bullying in public schools and facilities?

LGBT bullying needs to be stopped, but I think it is harder than regular bullying. In part, this has to do with religion's desire to have and raise children and their indirect desire to have heterosexuals. In general, bullying always occurs, but how this is to be controlled is probably more difficult than just passing a law.  

Do you support the formation of Gay/Straight Alliance clubs (GSAs) in schools? Have you in the past, do you now, and, if elected, will you support efforts to promote, encourage and provide support and resources for GSAs in schools?

The U.S. Supreme Court made decision that religion could meet on school off hours.  
Religions are family value systems, and so is the respect for all people, which is where GSAs fit in.  

Do you support the “It Gets Better Project”? Please include a link to your video, if you have one. 

I do support the pledge and I have followed my rules that match the pledge since since I got out of high school.  

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Testing and Treatment

Do you support public funding for HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment facilities? Have you in the past, do you now, and, if elected, will you support efforts to increase funding for and access to these facilities throughout all regions of Georgia?

I support the above statement in every way possible. Whether you support aids research determines if you are a Democrat or Republican. I am a Democrat.  

Do you support free access to HIV/AIDs testing at jail and prison facilities? If so, would you support programs that encourage inmates to get tested for HIV/AIDS?

Aids testing is very important for prisons. Inmates are expected to leave prison and lead a better life, not to be killed.  

Choice and Contraception

Have you in the past, do you now, and, if elected, will you support a woman’s right to choose abortion and to access abortion, birth control and contraception? Would you vote to limit access to abortion, birth control and/or contraception in anyway? If so, how and under what circumstances?

If a woman is of majority, she should have all of such access. As a minor, if her parents have previously provided an electronic notice of not allowing her to have certain procedures and/or medicine, it shall be honored by those in authority. If the parents do not provide the notice, then the child will be provided what she needs.  


Choosing political leadership is a key responsibility for every elected official. Will you commit to making support for full equality a major factor in your leadership selection decisions?

Not a major factor, but an important factor. I have followed up on civil liberties related to police procedures and have seen how another world of laws exist in the police training manuals.  

Do you believe it is important for both LGBT individuals and allies to “come out”—i.e. share their status as an LGBT individual or an ally to the LGBT community with the public? Do you believe it is important for public officials, in particular, to encourage and support LGBT individuals and allies in “coming out”?

Coming-out is a private individual issue. I am not here to coerce an individual to come out or have a hand in such activity. People who have come out and people who are experienced are the ones that should provide such advice.  

If not otherwise described above, how have you advocated for the LGBT community in the community at-large in the past (i.e. have you spoken out publicly for policies at your place of business, testified before government bodies, adopted written policies for your employees, marched for equal rights, etc.)?

Ever since High School, I have been an advocate of civil liberties and equality. That includes LGBT issues. My main issue in supporting civil liberties has been in my past involvement with NOW. I also speak about why I think the Republicans and the religions cause negative attitude against LGBT because the are trying to produce children.  

If not otherwise described above, in what ways have you worked to include LGBT and other minority individuals in your personal and/or professional life? In what ways have you worked to be a role model for inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of LGBT and other minority individuals?

I have black friends, and that in itself is good, but a time occurred when I explicitly jumped out to show my support of a mixed couple by asking the couple to join Beverly and me at our table. This was first time we had seen them and it was at a Saturday Democratic party breakfast.  

Another case was related to an LGBT couple that came to the Cobb Democratic breakfast a few times about 8 years ago. I put out a welcoming hand for them and tried to promote their interest in our party. After a year, we eventually never saw them again.  

Please use the space below to provide any additional information you would like us to know about your candidacy.

I do not view LGBT people as different, nor do I expect them to want me to treat them better than others, nor do I want to put up with obnoxious braggers in a business setting. But what public.  

One question not asked in this survey is, is it alright for LGBT to kiss in public. Is it alright for heterosexuals to kiss in public? Is it alright for LGBT to hold hands strolling down the street. All such questions are really answered by the 90% heterosexuals. But I do not want the 90% heterosexual controlling the civil liberties of any person.  

However, another issue is the children of heterosexuals. These heterosexuals want their children to also be heterosexuals and they do not want their children to supposedly pick up habits by seeing
homosexuals holding hands or kissing in public like on the Marietta Square. Having children is most important. Furthermore, one's church may promote having many children for the churches sake.  

It is this 90% parental force of saving the heterosexual children that keeps homosexuals in the closet. It is not a written law, but a law of the 90% which helps save our society. Unfortunately, many family value groups, usually referred to as churches, are in competition to take over the world by having their members have as many children as possible. This obviously leads to over population in today's world.  

In restriction of over population, every person should be limited to four children. On the other hand, every responsible person should have at least two children. Such persons include LGBTs.

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Please contact Juliana Illari at or 770-314-4776 with any questions.