League of Women Voters

Campaign Questions and answers
====== 1

What are your qualifications for this position and what is your motivation to serve in an elected office?
Politically, I have been very active with the Cobb County Democratic Committee for the last 15 years and have been pushing conservative and civil liberty direction for the Democrat party. Also, I have ran for many races pushing my agenda. Work-wise, I support workers, computers, and equipment so jobs can be fulfilled. I manage people in my small operations. My goals are to promote top down projects that produce both jobs and assets that can be used for years and that assure that the needs of workers are met. With one of my clients, a CPA firm for 15 years, I have worked with accounting systems, job costing systems, charts of accounts, QuickBooks, Peachtree, ATX, etc. 

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If elected, how will you identify issues that are important to your constituents, and how will you ensure progress is made on their issues?
My goal is to honor what I promised during my campaigning. If some constituents bring up problems that are of concern then I need to let other interested constituents know also. Because my constituents are mostly home owners, I will pro-activily identifying issues, dig into Georgia law and Federal law looking for bail-out type laws that continue the ownership of homes.  

====== 3
Would you support legislation that would allow workers with accrued sick/personal days to use those days not just exclusively for the employee’s own illness, but to care for an ill child or elderly family member (in a non-FMLA eligible occurrence/s)? Why or why not?

No. How management applies stored days is up to management. When a worker walks into a job, they are judged, treated, evaluated as equal except for job performance and experience. Insurance provides a way to alleviate differences between employees by allowing each employee to pay for their desired special attention. Special insurance alterations might be needed. Obamacare might provide such alterations.  

====== 4

In the primary election, Georgia voters of both parties overwhelming supported placing a cap on the value of gifts an elected official is allowed to receive from a lobbyist. Beyond a lobbyist gift cap or ban, what other changes would you recommend to strengthen Georgia’s ethics and transparency laws?
I am for a law to control gifts. But what is the legal definition of a gift. Here is my try: A gift is composed of items, monies, and/or benefits given that have no importance to a previously announced political goal. A cap is still needed.  

====== 5

The cornerstone of a democracy is fair and competitive elections. Would you support legislation that would create an Independent Redistricting Commission in Georgia that would provide for districts based on established criteria to create fair, community oriented districts? Why or why not?
If one wants fair and competitive elections they need to provide hard copy audit trails for the voting machines. The party in power has a better chance of manipulate the voting machines. What is asked here is about gerrymandering which occurs when redistricting the State which in-turn occurs every 10 years based on the Federal census. Gerrymandering at least explains why one might lose, but corrupted, electronic, non-audited machines can never be proven to be wrong.  

====== 6
While many Georgians call for a repeal of HB 87, an immigration enforcement measure, other citizens seek to ban undocumented students from attending state colleges and universities in Georgia. Do you believe HB 87 is sufficient to address immigration policies in Georgia, should be repealed, or should be modified. Please explain your position.

Georgia's HB 87 on immigration is very important because it, along with the similar bills of other states, sends a message to the U.S. Supreme Court that our citizens are being undermined. HB 87 in itself may have problems controlling immigration, but it is in the right direction. Furthermore, "undocumented" students who are children of illegal workers or legal foreigner workers should be treated like they are our own when it comes to education. We grown-ups need to resolve the immigration problem.  

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