Marietta Daily Journal Questionaire

Bill Bolton (William Roy Bolton III)


Political Affiliation: 

2104 Drogheda Ln, Marietta Georgia 30066

Technical Management consultant

Previous political experience: 
Active with Democratic Party in Cobb for 15 years. Ran for Mayor twice, Governor twice, Mayor and Governor as write in.  

3 Degrees from Georgia Tech -- Engineering Science and Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Master in Sanitary Engineering.

Two sons, one grandchild, significant other, Beverly McMurray, with 2 grand children and who was step mom to my two sons.

Cell phone: (not for publication) 

(Casino Gambling)
Are you in favor of or opposed to casino gambling in Georgia? 
Opposed unless controlled by our lottery system.

($100 lobbyist gifts)
Do you support a $100-per-instance cap on gifts, meals, etc. provided by lobbyists?
Yes I support $100-per-instance cap by lobbyists. It could be even lower. However, an exception of more money, could be when a legislator is promoting a favorite product to other legislators. My favorite product is maglev rail systems.  

(Charter Schools)
How will you vote on the charter-schools referendum in November?
No to state charter schools. In the background is a law allowing schools to teach world religions, but required is that this course's text book must be the Christian Bible.  

(HOPE Scholarship)
Should the HOPE scholarship have to be changed again, do you think it should be based on means or merit?
Yes to the means test for the receivers of the HOPE scholarship. People that play the lottery seem to be poorer people. Merit is important also, but the rich and the schools need to promote self learning; so that all, students meritorious or not, can also continue their education at a more reasonable price.  

(Food Tax)
Do you favor restoring the state's 4 percent sales tax on groceries?
Yes for the sales tax on food. If people are poor, we have special consideration for them such as food stamps. Many times too much is an addiction just like cigarettes, and just like cigarettes we need taxes increased to deter eating and to pay for medical bills due to excessive eating.  

(School Funding)
Will you vote for more cuts in school funding?
No cuts in school but changes in teaching where students are encourage students to self learn. This would decrease classroom time for students and would reduce the need for expensive brick-and-mortar schools.  

(paying road construction.)
Do you favor more toll roads across Georgia to address transportation needs?
No to having more toll roads, unless it is a 10 year temporary pay back period and is an expansion of an existing road. The reason is because we already have a pay-as-you-go system by the taxes put on fuels. But added to this subject, money from the Federal and State general funds should be posted in a comparative fashion to the public where they buy the fuel. Considerations are needed for non-gasoline cars.  

(Gasoline tax)
Do you favor an increase in the state's gasoline tax?
Yes, if the gasoline tax is not paying for the use of non-gasoline cars using the roads. Possibly non-gasoline cars would pay by their usage.  

(MARTA state tax)
Will you vote for any state money to go to MARTA?
Yes I would vote for state money for MARTA, but a plan for change would be needed.  

(SPLOST for arts)
Do you favor a change in state law that would allow SPLOST money to finance the arts?
No SPLOST money for Arts, but yes for some of the taxes that are directed to the Arts. SPLOST is supposed be for developing assets. SPLOSTs are many times used for maintenance like putting roofs on old buildings. Buildings require escrow accounts to be used for needed maintenance repairs. Such escrow accounts should exist for every building. Similarly, banks with house loan mortgages keep insurance policies with built in escrows.  

(Personal Goals)
What is the biggest problem you want to solve, if elected, and how would you do it?
I. MARTA Extension -- My plan is to extend MARTA over 50 years to Town Center with restrictions to keep undesirables contained, even if service has to be day time only. Part of the design is to have 5 ten year phases where each phase provides services. Another aspect is that patrons who are airport bound would have their own luggage designed cars where riders would pay 10 dollars per ride and get valet type service. If feasible as the years pass, possible maglev rails might replace steel wheel rails.  
II. Teaching Legal Searches -- High school students need to learn how to research legal information. This will help them when they are out in the real world. As part of the course, they would then research how the courts work. Its all written in the Georgia law and modified in appeal court cases.